Week of Bad News

So, tough week for the Republicans, wasn't it?

Oh, you didn't realize the Republicans were having trouble last week, what with stories about Democrats dominating the news? Neither did I.

This article should fill you in. Here's a summary.

  • Dennis Hastert's senate seat went over the the Democrats in a special election on the 8th.
  • Republican disarray caused them to lose opportunities in South Dakota, New Jersey and Arkansas
  • The former treasurer of the National Republican Congressional Committee is alleged to have helped himself to the NRCC's cash -- some $1 million worth. Can you think of another political fraud this big in recent history? How comfortable would you feel donating your money to Republicans after that?
  • General Petraeus was quoted as saying that the political goals of the surge in Iraq had failed. Specifically, he said that no one in the Iraqi or American governments feels that there has been sufficient progress toward national reconciliation, or even the provision of basic services. Ouch.
  • Chances are looking better and better that Al Franken might become a congressman for Minnesota. No kidding.
  • Strategists are now listing Ted Stevens and John E. Sununu's seats ass tossups. Hey, Ted, now you'll have time to come visit the Brightman Street Bridge. I've got my fingers crossed.

If the Democrats can prevent self-inflicted mortal wounds, it'll be a Republican nightmare in November. But nothing is writtern in stone at this point.

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briwei said...

"If the Democrats can prevent self-inflicted mortal wounds"

Dude. That is such a BIG if...

Dr. Momentum said...

The fundamental cause of trouble in the world today is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
-- Bertrand Russell