"Dean Urges Do-Over"

That's what the headline says, anyway. Like it or not, Dean is encouraging Florida and Michigan to conduct revotes at their own expense... sort of.

From the article, it sounds more to me as if he's challenging them to come up with a way to do it without breaking the laws of physics, but we'll see what happens. Evidently, the possibility of doing caucuses instead of a regular vote could also be on the table for both states this time around.

In any case, his rhetoric in the past few days has gone from "hellz no" to "I'm open to the idea" to "yeah, go for it, sort of"... it's just not clear that his position has changed.

Clinton "won" both states the first time, but the article points out that Obama's name didn't appear on the Michigan ballot. Nice! Well, that was some win, huh? Why would they even use that word? Never mind.


barbie2be said...

hill might have "won" that first vote, but it didn't count for anything since both michigan and florida had been stripped of their delegates for holding early primaries.

OBAMA in 08!

Dr. Momentum said...

He's making it clear that it's not his decision -- it's what everyone agreed to.

It cracks me up, though, that Sen. X's campaign will talk about seating the delegates, but when a caucus scenario is suggested they say it's premature to discuss what form the voting would take.

Premature? When do you want to talk about it, in August?

I agree with Dean. They have to abide by the rules. If those states can abide by the rules and send delegates, then the party has to accept them.