Hillary Night Live?

Hillary went missing on the campaign trail on an extremely crucial day today.

Any chance we might see her on TV, say about 11:30 tonight?

A spokesman for Saturday Night Live would not confirm the appearance, saying only, "It's a live show, anything can happen"


RadioFree said...

Her appearance went over like a turd in a punch bowl. It wasn't even funny. Just showed her disconnect with REAL people. They couldn't find a way to integrate her into the skit? LAME-O.

JP Burke said...

I agree. They rushed her in and it showed. She acknowledged that the skits could be viewed as an endorsement, even though she said she was told they weren't.

The whole opening skit was basically last week's opening repeated and refined. For fans of Evil Dead, this was like Evil Dead 2.

Julie said...

Since she doesn't seem to have a sense of humor, putting her on a comedy show was the wrong kind of ironic.