Vandals endorse Clinton; Visigoths have yet to weigh in

Obama kicked off his Florida campaign on Saturday night. Perhaps to to commemorate the occasion, an apparent Clinton supporter in Orlando went on a vandalism spree, spray-painting racial slurs and dopey, misspelled messages about Obama (such as "Obama smoks crack") on city and private vehicles, possibly tampering with gas tanks, and leaving notes on windshields expressing support for Senator Clinton. Some stories report that there were also anti-McCain remarks.

Similar cards had been left on windshields in Daytona a few weeks ago.

It seems to me like an odd time to put Obama and McCain down and express support for Clinton, but maybe this nut (or can of mixed nuts) had some other weird motive in mind.

I could guess, but my elaborate, deranged, borderline-sociopathic theories are usually wrong.

Do you know what the price of gas is? Do you think the price of gas is important?

John McCain doesn't and doesn't.

What kind of president will John McCain be were he to be elected? The kind who doesn't care whether you can afford to drive to work.

You can't make this stuff up.

Didn't Love America

Remember the ridiculous uproar over Michelle Obama's statement:

"for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback,"

The first lady defended her statement, but right wing attack dogs (including Cindy "Stay Classy" McCain) called her unpatriotic for it.

Oopsie. Now it turns out that McCain said in an interview with Sean Hannity that he didn't love America until he was a POW.

"I really didn't love America until I was deprived of her company." - John McCain

He's trying to make a point in the same way Michelle Obama was trying to make a point about certain feelings becoming stronger as a result of circumstances.

But what's really naughty is that when Fox published the transcript of the interview on its website, the whole bit about being a POW and not loving America was missing. Orwellian much?

You can see some of the video and read the details here. If you happen to run into Cindy "Skipped Finishing School" McCain, and you're in earshot when she trashes Mrs. Obama, maybe you can remind her that John McCain didn't love America until he was a POW. That should put an end to that stupid "argument."

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McCain vs. McCain

When McCain tries to distance himself from Bush, there is this guy who keeps getting in the way...

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Googlewhacking for Obama

Help Obama by linking to his anti-smear site from your own web page:

Post-Boomer Prez

One of the things Democrats see in Obama is that he's more focused on solving problems than in fighting the battles of the baby boomer era and before.

Mr. Obama is a liberal, but it's not your boomer parents' liberalism that is at the heart of his appeal. He never rattles off a Clinton laundry list of big federal programs; he supports abortion rights and gay civil rights with a sunny bonhomie that makes the right's cultural scolds look like rabid mastodons. He is not refighting either side of the domestic civil war over Vietnam that exploded in his hometown of Chicago 40 years ago this summer, long before he arrived there.

This Frank Rich article offers some good insight into the cluelessness revealed during Tuesday's speeches. And highlights some things that made Maggie and me cringe when we watched McCain's scary speech.

Mr. McCain is so far proving an exceptionally clumsy candidate prone to accentuating everything that's out-of-touch about his American vision.

Mr. McCain's speech in a New Orleans suburb on Tuesday night spawned a cottage industry of ridicule, even among Republicans. The halting delivery, sickly green backdrop and spastic, inappropriate smiles, presumably mandated by some consultant hoping to mask his anger, left the impression that Mr. McCain isn't yet ready for prime-time radio.

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It's the Delegates, Stupid

This Washington Post article Strategy Was Based On Winning Delegates, Not Battlegrounds analyzes the reasons why Obama's strategy prevailed in the end. And when it comes to delegates two more states can be removed from Hillary Clinton's column. Obama edged her in Nevada 13 to 12 and tied her in New Hampshire 9 to 9. It's difficult to verify these totals now on most poltical websites because they have adjusted the totals to award Edwards' delegates to Obama.

Me too, please

You know, I bet there are a lot of people who are "open" to being Obama's VP, but have chosen to express their interest discreetly.

I don't know what to make of someone who leans out of her chair, waving her hand in the air, yelling "pick me, pick me." (Or one who has her henchmen do that on her behalf.)

There's been a lot of talk among the TV pundits today about her wanting to save face. Is an Arnold Horshack impression a good way to do that?