Welcome, Sarah Palin!

Welcome to the campaign, Sarah Palin -- the most bestest choice to lead the country!

Dear Romney, Pawlenty, Rice, Powell, Ridge, Lieberman, Whitman, Jindal, Hutchison -- McCain found someone more experienced to lead the country should something happen to him. Now go campaign your little hearts out!

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Not Sarah Palin


For the record, Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton. And neither is she a model.

To the right, you see a picture of the Overstock.com model Sabine Ehrenfeld. That's why this post is entitled "Not Sarah Palin." Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, and there are rumors she is on the short list for McCain's VP pick. Not credible rumors, mind you, but this is the right-wing blogosphere we're talking about.

I found this picture on the following blog:


... which also has placed Gov. Palin in Alabama instead of Alaska. And is asking "So, is this the face of the next candidate for Vice-President of the United States?" That's an easy question to answer, considering Ms. Ehrenfeld is unlikely on McCain's veepstakes list. Although a "McCain taps Ehrenfeld" headline might elicit some snickers, it's even less likely than McCain picking Gov. Palin.

Keep on keepin' on, right wing blogosphere!

Some say Palin would be a good VP choice because Hillary supporters would flock to a McCain/Palin ticket, just to see a woman VP. Whatwhatwhat-now? If you need anything to prove to you what a low (and confused) opinion Republicans have of female voters and Hillary supporters, look no further than the Sarah Palin for VP supporters.

Back in the real world:

Hillary Clinton made it clear last night that she's supporting Barack Obama and you should, too. I was especially impressed with her references to people she met on the campaign trail. She took that familiar stump speech rhetoric and turned it into support for Obama by asking the Democrats to decide whether the campaign was about her or about the people she met on the trail who would certainly suffer under a dangerous McCain presidency that would be as risky as four more years of our current Republican leadership. Do we want to turn from the perilous course our country has been on for 8 years? If not, Hillary clearly gave her answer: Obama.

Hillary is on board. And tonight we'll see Bill throw his support behind this effort in typical fashion.

And the country will see a unified Democratic Party. To withstand the strength of the democrats pulling in one direction, the Republicans are going to need more than the Overstock.com model.

Republican Rep. Speaks in Denver; You Probably Diddn't Hear About It

Former Representative of Iowa, Republican Jim Leach endorsed Obama last night at the convention, and unlike when Zell Miller's eyes bugged out on the Republican podium 4 years ago, this didn't really make the news.

"As a Republican, I stand before you with deep respect for the history and traditions of my political party. But it is clear to all Americans that something is out of kilter in our great republic.... Seldom has the case for an inspiring new political ethic been more compelling. And seldom has an emerging leader so matched the needs of the moment.... I stand before you proud of my party's contributions to American history but, as a citizen, proud as well of the good judgment of good people in this good party, in nominating a transcending candidate, an individual whom I am convinced will recapture the American dream and be a truly great president: the senator from Abraham Lincoln's state -- Barack Obama.... This is not a time for politics as usual.... Obama will recapture the American dream and be a truly great president."

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It's Biden

Hi, I'm a conservative blogger.

For weeks, I've had two posts prepared for today. I had plenty of time to write them.

The first post was a long diatribe about how Obama's choice weakened his ticket because it reinforced his weaknesses with a too-young running mate who appealed to his core of supporters but didn't deliver enough depth. I was going to laugh about how stupid he was to alienate the American people. I was really pulling for Tim Kane (or equivalent) so I could use this essay. Tim Kane was especially fun, because I was going to crow about how Obama isn't going to win Virginia anyhow.

The second essay was kinda lame, but I think it'll still gain some traction. In it, I state that Obama's choice is "more of the same in Washington" and "undercuts his change message" and "shows that experience matters." I was really hoping I could go with the first essay, because choosing someone like Biden strengthens his ticket by answering some of his critics. If the VP choice is the first important choice of a nascent presidency, a solid, practical choice reassures voters that Obama is not all pie-in-the-sky and is not afraid to bring someone in who has long-established strong opinions and credibility.

Since I have to go with the second essay, I really hope nobody notices how lame it is. And that Obama never said experience doesn't matter. And that Obama is clearly not planning an insular presidency, but rather will bring in the best people to help make good policies.

Damn, I really wish I could have gone with the Tim Kane essay.

You Got My Song In Your Obnoxious

Sometimes, in your rush to be a jerk, you also run afoul of the law.

Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne is suing Republican presidential nominee John McCain and the Republican party for using his song "Running on Empty" in a recent TV commercial. [...] Browne claims McCain and the party did not obtain permission to use the song for an ad in which "Senator McCain and the Republicans mock Democratic candidate for president Barack Obama for suggesting that the country conserve gas through proper tire inflation."

I'm sure the RIAA want their crack at McCain, too. Don't hold your breath.

They'll blame some staffer who chose the song, but remember: McCain's voice is on that ad saying "I approve this message."