Welcome, Sarah Palin!

Welcome to the campaign, Sarah Palin -- the most bestest choice to lead the country!

Dear Romney, Pawlenty, Rice, Powell, Ridge, Lieberman, Whitman, Jindal, Hutchison -- McCain found someone more experienced to lead the country should something happen to him. Now go campaign your little hearts out!

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jimcass said...

Republicans take home the cake in 2008! Everyone is excited to jump on the McCain and Palin ticket! Best was to put this is: This sure "fuels" the debate!


Dr. Momentum said...

Why am I reminded of when Star Trek added Seven of Nine to the cast?

Palin's thin credentials show that McCain is more interested in winning the election than serving the country. Country first? Turns out he was pulling our leg.

If this is an example of the kind of decisions McCain is going to make in office, we need to run away as fast as we can.

Hillary proved that a woman could work hard and fight her way to the top and make a credible case for being the most qualified presidential nominee. Sarah Palin proves that nearly any woman can be selected to be a desperate candidate's running mate.