Republican Rep. Speaks in Denver; You Probably Diddn't Hear About It

Former Representative of Iowa, Republican Jim Leach endorsed Obama last night at the convention, and unlike when Zell Miller's eyes bugged out on the Republican podium 4 years ago, this didn't really make the news.

"As a Republican, I stand before you with deep respect for the history and traditions of my political party. But it is clear to all Americans that something is out of kilter in our great republic.... Seldom has the case for an inspiring new political ethic been more compelling. And seldom has an emerging leader so matched the needs of the moment.... I stand before you proud of my party's contributions to American history but, as a citizen, proud as well of the good judgment of good people in this good party, in nominating a transcending candidate, an individual whom I am convinced will recapture the American dream and be a truly great president: the senator from Abraham Lincoln's state -- Barack Obama.... This is not a time for politics as usual.... Obama will recapture the American dream and be a truly great president."

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Julie said...

Interesting. No, I didn't hear about it, but I missed a lot of last night anyway due to a frivolous commitment. :-) However, today I read that the TV networks are "struggling" with the Democrats over the coverage. Like the TV people feel that the convention people are pushing them around or not being accommodating enough in terms of what happens when.

I realize that the two groups need to cooperate a little, but this is the Democrats' event, not the networks' reality game show (that's not till November, and I wish they'd let us vote some newsmen off the anchor desk).

They used to know how to cover these things - now they only want to devote one hour per night, and they whine if the scheduling of various speakers isn't convenient.