It's Biden

Hi, I'm a conservative blogger.

For weeks, I've had two posts prepared for today. I had plenty of time to write them.

The first post was a long diatribe about how Obama's choice weakened his ticket because it reinforced his weaknesses with a too-young running mate who appealed to his core of supporters but didn't deliver enough depth. I was going to laugh about how stupid he was to alienate the American people. I was really pulling for Tim Kane (or equivalent) so I could use this essay. Tim Kane was especially fun, because I was going to crow about how Obama isn't going to win Virginia anyhow.

The second essay was kinda lame, but I think it'll still gain some traction. In it, I state that Obama's choice is "more of the same in Washington" and "undercuts his change message" and "shows that experience matters." I was really hoping I could go with the first essay, because choosing someone like Biden strengthens his ticket by answering some of his critics. If the VP choice is the first important choice of a nascent presidency, a solid, practical choice reassures voters that Obama is not all pie-in-the-sky and is not afraid to bring someone in who has long-established strong opinions and credibility.

Since I have to go with the second essay, I really hope nobody notices how lame it is. And that Obama never said experience doesn't matter. And that Obama is clearly not planning an insular presidency, but rather will bring in the best people to help make good policies.

Damn, I really wish I could have gone with the Tim Kane essay.


Julie said...

I never got beyond the headlines that said that picking Biden showed that Obama was weak or insecure. What a bizarre thing to say. Weak, insecure people do not pick superstar running mates, because they're afraid of being upstaged.

The VP is a potential president. I'm always disappointed when the selected running mate never showed any interest in being president. I'm thrilled that Obama picked Biden. And they look awesome together - like a photo and a negative!

Dr. Momentum said...

"...side by side on my piano keyboard oh lord why don't we..."