Vandals endorse Clinton; Visigoths have yet to weigh in

Obama kicked off his Florida campaign on Saturday night. Perhaps to to commemorate the occasion, an apparent Clinton supporter in Orlando went on a vandalism spree, spray-painting racial slurs and dopey, misspelled messages about Obama (such as "Obama smoks crack") on city and private vehicles, possibly tampering with gas tanks, and leaving notes on windshields expressing support for Senator Clinton. Some stories report that there were also anti-McCain remarks.

Similar cards had been left on windshields in Daytona a few weeks ago.

It seems to me like an odd time to put Obama and McCain down and express support for Clinton, but maybe this nut (or can of mixed nuts) had some other weird motive in mind.

I could guess, but my elaborate, deranged, borderline-sociopathic theories are usually wrong.


JP Burke said...

So this is what all those Rush Limbaugh listeners are doing now that Hillary is out of the race.