The Republican Free Ride

While Senator Obama has been lambasted in the media over the last week it seems people are overlooking the spiritual (and more) advisors taken up by President Bush and John McCain. Prior to the Iraq invasion President Bush decided he needed some consultation. So who better to ask than crazy 'ol Pat Robertson? You may be asking, "Hey, isn't that the guy who said the gays caused 9/11?" and the answer is, of course, YES!!! Our president didn't just take spiritual advice from a religious crackpot (though Rev. Wright wasn't totally crazy...ok, maybe a little) he asked for opinions on the future of our country's military affairs.

John McCain is not excluded from this list either having paraded out pastor John Hagee last week as a large ally in his campaign to the White House. Hagee's claim to fame? Well, in addition to 9/11 he apparently believes the gays are directly responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

Thank God this country has a fair and balanced media...oh, crap.


Maggie said...

Do you get the feeling, and it's truly horrifying, that the press is looking into Obama's soul, and everybody else gets a pass because it's understood that they're full of shit and don't really agree with the people they have photo ops with?

I mean, we all know it's true, right? McCain's just trying to appeal to the Christian Right. It seems unfair that he should simultaneously be able to appeal to those idiots and yet not take responsibility for it.

And Bush thinks God is guiding him... he's downright terrifying. I linked to an article on Bush on James' blog in which there is a description of the following: a pastor who knew Bush early in his career was impressed by his willingness to learn about people unlike himself. Later, after 9/11, Bush was very excited to see this pastor again, who told him that he needed to wipe out poverty around the world if he wanted to wipe out terrorism. Bush said, "that's your job," and the pastor said, "no, that's your job." Bush gave him a weird look and he was never invited back to the White House.