Fallon Resigns

Adm. William Fallon, the commander in chief of Central Command has resigned.

Putting it into the perspective of this soon-to-be-ending regime, TPM provides this:

In the long-term, Fallon's resignation -- in some ways forced, perhaps in other ways dictated by circumstance -- does much of the same damage to the Pentagon as has already been done to the Justice Department and the supposedly independent regulatory agencies. Defense Secretary Gates was supposed to be a bulwark against the White House's ongoing efforts to erode the Pentagon. But Fallon was apparently too independent. The White House wanted someone, as Esquire said, more pliable. Another Tommy Franks. And we all remember where that led.
In the Bush administration there is one thing valued over intelligence, competence, and honor. That thing is the ability to say "yes, sir!" and push a button.

Ideally, the Bush Administration would like to have no branches of government and no agencies. Just one, big, happy BUSH ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF [fill in the blank].