Stupid is as Stupid Does ...

John McCain plans on spending the next couple of weeks making the pitch that his family history makes him the most obvious choice when it comes to picking the next COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!!1!11!eleventy!!11!

Republican presidential candidate John McCain took a stroll down memory lane on Monday, opening a tour to show Americans the places where he grew from rebellious youth to war hero and politician.

Granted -- his father, and grandfather DID serve the country honorably.
A weeklong "Service to America" tour for McCain began on Monday in Mississippi, where generations of McCains were born and raised on land that had been in the family since 1848.

But while we're looking into John McCain's storied past -- should we not ALSO consider the fact that John McCain's family was down with slavery?
... like, big time?

The family's storied military history stretches back to Carroll County, Miss., where McCain's great-great grandfather William Alexander McCain owned a plantation, and later died during the Civil War as a soldier for the Mississippi cavalry.

But what McCain didn't know about his family until Tuesday was that William Alexander McCain had owned 52 slaves. The senator seemed surprised after Salon reporters showed him documents gathered from Carroll County Courthouse, the Carrollton Merrill Museum, the Mississippi State Archives and the Greenwood, Miss., Public Library.

Of course it wouldn't be fair to judge John McCain because his ancestors owned slaves. That being said, it's also not fair to judge McCain based upon the fact that his ancestors were admirals. If you want to run for president, present YOUR OWN credentials, and we'll give them the once-over. Save the "my grand-daddy was a so-and-so" for your grandkids.

That is -- unless you want a FULL evaluation of the family history.


Dr. Momentum said...

A) That picture is just creepy.

2) McCain is probably trying to tap into the feeling some people have that the Iraq war was a good idea executed badly, because he wants to make the case that he will protect America. But he just doesn't have what this country needs.

He backs a policy that has made it more likely we'll have instability in the long term. He appears to have no regrets about the missteps which kicked off this Iraqi adventure. He's admitted economics is not his strong suit, to the point where he'd apparently rather see the country slip into recession than stop the contagion of a banking crisis.

McCain belongs in a different time. In this way, his particular experience is a liability, like an old dog that can't learn new tricks anymore. I don't think he's got the energy or flexibility to face the upcoming challenges of a troubled nation.

Julie said...

Just think how useful he could be if they ever decide to revive the Cold War.

Mike said...

Love the Bilbo reference.