Sometimes, Talk Radio Sucks ...

... seriously!

Conservative talk show hosts across the country -- some who are syndicated into some of the states who will be voting on VOTR (Vermont, Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island) Tuesday -- are encouraging Republicans to switch affiliations for the day to vote for Hillary Clinton in the hopes of "bloodying" Barack Obama and increasing their chances in November. Of course, led by Rush Limbaugh. From

"We need Barack Obama bloodied up politically. It's obvious that the Republicans are not going to do it, they don't have the stomach for it," Limbaugh continued. "As you probably know we're getting all kinds of memos from the RNC saying we're not going to be critical. Mark McKinnon of McCain's campaign said he'll quit if they get critical over Obama. This is the presidency of the United States we're talking about. I want our party to win I want the Democrats to lose.”

Things like this make me sick. Not the Rush Limbaugh doesn't typically make me sick -- but this kind of crap really chaps my rear end. It's not enough that Republicans "drove the bus into the ditch ..." -- it appears they intend to keep it there.

Is it fair to say Republicans are evil now?


Mike said...

Do any states have rules that prevent people from voting in both primaries? I'm not sure if that would be a good idea but it would prevent this particular type of abuse.

Dr. Momentum said...

I don't think there are many restrictions on the primaries that aren't merely imposed by the state party organizations.

In any case, Republicans may feel that their primaries are over. I don't know what the Republican schedules are like for those state.

Well, well. So this is what a failed ideology is reduced to. This is as good as an admission. It's one thing to cross over because you think one candidate is genuinely better. It's another to do it because you need to "bloody" a candidate.

We've got a national election. Is it progress that the Republican dirty tricks are starting out in the open, or is it just that we're seeing the tip of the iceberg?

I'd say "Shame on them" but the concept of shame seems to have escaped them.

Julie said...

In Florida, you must be registered with one party OR the other beforehand (like a couple of weeks ahead) in order to vote in ANY primary.

Abacquer said...

Well Limbaugh is evil. I wouldn't rush to condemn all republicans just because Rush is an anus.