Obama/Clinton '08?

Today's Maureen Dowd column raises the possibility of an Obama/Clinton ticket again, claiming that some Clinton supporters were suggesting it would be something Hillary might accept the vice presidency rather than have to face a Senate full of supporters who jumped ship.

Considering the Clinton camp's focus on experience over everything else, including judgment, this should be a big win. Her experience fits the vice presidency.

Do you think she'd actually want to be vice president? Would you want to see an Obama/Clinton ticket?


Julie said...

I think she'd rather be VP than Senator. It's still an improvement.

If Clinton were to somehow get the nomination, I'd be in favor of having Obama as VP.

However, if Obama gets the nomination, I don't want Clinton anywhere near that ticket. (My reasons are morbid and not particularly charitable.)

Maggie said...

Here is how I'm thinking/worrying about it:

Clinton as VP may be the difficult compromise the Democrats need to make in order to win the presidency.

If she isn't VP, what kind of damage will she do from the sidelines? Will she undermine Obama? I have a hard time believing she'll support him whole-heartedly, based on her behavior as a candidate. She's extremely destructive and divisive.

Was it in Dowd's article, or did I read it elsewhere, that somebody was putting forth the paranoid theory that Clinton was trying to sabotage Obama so that McCain would win, and then after four years of that, she would run again? That's really frightening but there's a lot of evidence that she cares more about herself personally than the party or the country. She can't possibly believe she's the only one who can do it right??

My hope (?) is that Obama will win the nomination, won't pick her, and everybody will forget about her in the race to the presidency.

Part of my problem in thinking about this is that clearly I don't understand how most people think. They seem to be swayed by the smallest, most idiotic, out of context sound bite. Granted it is very difficult to put politics into context, and I'm not good at it. But I try to read a variety of opinions from people who are. Most people don't seem so choosy in what they read, or maybe too choosy -- reading/watching only what is fully digested into what they already want to hear.