But I'm Different!

Don't you just love hippo critical politicians? Apparently, last year The Rod lambasted her senate opponent, Rick Lazio, for not releasing his tax return information (he did, just not for 3 months). She called it "frankly disturbing" that he would refuse to release his tax information and basically hounded him like my cats on a can of tuna. Good for you Hilary! Stand up to those hifalutin, political, fat cats who hide their earnings from votes. Too bad this year she refuses to give up her returns even though Obama has no qualms.

Mrs. Senator, can I take a look at your tax returns for this year?

Blank, evil stare from The Rod

Really? Wouldn't you consider that rather disturbing?

Guards approaching...

I see. Well, I guess as an American voter I'd like to sa...



Dr. Momentum said...

"The Rod" Now that's a new one.

What do you call Obama?

Dr. Momentum said...

BTW - she said that they are going to release the returns... in April. And she pointed out that their returns for all the time Bill was president are made public.

But I don't get why they don't release them while there are still primaries going on.

My guess is that she's figuring that whatever is in those returns doesn't play well against Obama, but plays OK against McCain... WHO ALSO hasn't released his returns.

The Uber Geek said...

I find that nicknames which have a slight bluntness to them are endearing and cute.

Senator Obama does need a nickname and given his childhood of living on a tropical island (Honolulu) I think something of that ilk would be fitting.

Of course he's not from the Bahamas but I feel one of the following are quite catchy...and tasty:

Barak 'O Mama

or for as a rallying cry to us Irish folk:

Barak O'Bama...the Irish Candidate!

Julie said...

Don't taze me, braw!

I like nicknames, just so long as everybody gets one.

Right now the only Hawaii-related thing I can think of is poi, and somehow I don't think that's nickname material.

If I didn't like him, maybe I'd call him the Macadamia Nut.

I like "The Brakster."

The Uber Geek said...

I personally can't use The Brakster because my pet name for Huckabee is "The Huckster"

By far my favorite nickname.

Dr. Momentum said...

I like "The Brakster" and I think we should not speak of Huckabee any longer.

"The Brakster" is such a nice guy that, even amid a heated primary battle he's tweeting his supporters to help other Democrats:

"BarackObama: In Chicago, hoping you will help Bill Foster win Cong. Dist. 14 in this Saturday's Special Election. Visit: http://my.barackobama.com/foster"

RadioKeri said...

His nickname is Barry -- I hear that's what most call him ...