Election bigotry

More about Clinton's answer to the question of whether Obama is a Muslim, by Nicholas Kristof of the Times.

C'mon humanists, is this acceptable? Take a look at Obama's position on religion in the government, and then consider a candidate who would encourage religious bigotry if it helped her chances in the polls.

We are a nation of many faiths and of those with no faith at all. The religions practices of all must be respected.


Julie said...

Of course it's not acceptable.

And as far as the slightly related endorsement from Farrakhan (however you spell it) was concerned - I didn't even feel that Obama needed to denounce it, unless he really wanted to. I would have been satisfied with "I appreciate his support, but I do not agree with his views regarding ___."

I liked it a lot in... uh... 2000? when during a debate Gore said something like, "I don't denounce people because it's against my character and against my religion."

If somebody doesn't like something or someone, they can denounce on their own time. It's ridiculous to insist that someone else denounce. Why not just do all their talking for them, in that case, if they're not entitled to have an opinion.

I liked that Obama disarmed Clinton with his "okay, whatever" attitude about reject vs. denounce, but I would have been even happier if he'd refused to play her game at all.