Polls Closed in Ohio

Except for one county. Counting is underway, NPR projects McCain was GOP winner, the democratic race is too close to call there.

NPR calls Vermont for McCain and Obama.

Voting continues in Texas, and there is a caucus there later tonight--some Texas delegates are awarded by the vote, but about a third of them are awarded via the caucus--but I read that the delegates from the caucus aren't awarded until June 6.

Results not in from Rhode Island yet.


Maggie said...

CNN is completely ignoring Rhode Island. They're not calling anything, but with less than 1% in, Clinton has a huge lead in Ohio and Obama has a huge lead in Texas. I think it's safe to guess those states might go that way, particularly Texas because of the upcoming caucus. I'm surprised by the size of Clinton's lead in Ohio. I've heard both that Clinton's expected to win RI and Obama's expected to win RI, but I only heard the latter once, so I'm not sure how reliable that was. I'm guessing RI will go to Clinton.

John King had fun playing with the numbers today and basically demonstrated that neither of them is going to get the pledged delegates they need, so it's going to come down to the superdelegates to strengthen the perceived will of the people and select the most electable candidate (as described by a superdelegate on CNN).

Abacquer said...

NPR calls Texas and Rhode Island for McCain. McCain is the GOP nominee.

Abacquer said...

Hillary takes Rhode Island, says NPR. (Whoo-hoo!)

Also, Huckabee has officially dropped out.

Abacquer said...

Some outlets are calling Ohio for Hillary, but the remaining precincts are heavy with Barack supporters, so things may yet change. NPR still hasn't called Texas or Ohio.

Clinton leads in Ohio by a large percentage right now, and leads by a very small percentage in Texas, but this will probably change as the rest of the votes are tallied.

Abacquer said...

Looks like Hillary has taken Ohio. Texas is not completely reporting yet. Right now she is leading Barak by 4%. 15% of the precincts have yet to report.