Obama Speech

Waiting for it to be covered live on CNN.com/video. You need a plugin to view it, though.

This is the 2008 version of the Howard Dean scream, if you listen to any conservative radio. And most radio talk is conservative. They've got out the big guns.

The ridiculous line of argument is that Obama was too slow in rejecting and repudiating and denouncing the pastor's statements. And he should have left the church.

Seriously - does this mean that no Catholics will ever be able to run for president because they all stayed members of their Church, which is a strong social support system for them, at the time that it came to light that the Church itself had policies that not only failed to protect children from child molesters, but almost assuredly maximized the number of children that would be exposed to serial abusers who were moved from parish to parish.

Can we fault Obama for staying apart of his church's support system because of some outrageous comments in a few of the sermons, many of which Obama himself did not even hear?

Here's experience for you. We're going to get a look at how this candidate deals with a media feeding frenzy. I find it ridiculous, but apparently, ridiculous situations are part of presidential campaigns. Especially if you're a Democratic candidate.


Mike said...

This is precisely the kind of nonsense that will turn independent voters away from the Democratic party. A statement condemning something isn't enough anymore. One must prostrate themselves on television and do the full Oprah. I felt the same way about Clinton and Ferraro, despite Olbermann's excellent commentary.

JP Burke said...

I hope you had a chance to see or hear the speech. It is not the usual at all.

Obama is telling us we can vote to try to improve the country, or we can give up and do this dance of political attacks and YouTube videos.

He didn't say this, but I think the electorate needs to grow up and decide what kind of country we want to live in.

Maggie said...

I thought he demonstrated (it's amazing how you can demonstrate something with just words) his understanding of the feelings and point of view of Black Americans and middle-class White Americans. He explained and validated both, said we can't ignore those feelings and viewpoints, but the other race is not the enemy and we need to move ourselves forward and attack the real enemies and make a better world for our children... only he said it eloquently. :-P