Finally, Florida Steps It Up

Dear folks,

Florida is not going to do a second primary. Good call, Florida. I think this was a fantastic decision.

Lots of people were discussing alienating or disenfranchisement amongst the Florida voters - but no one thought about everyone else (who followed the rules). If Florida had gotten to go again - why can't I? I would love to change my vote* since it's a different point in time and the primaries are looking very very different than they did on Super Tuesday.

We just need some Michigan decision making. Finally, Michael Moore can prove himself useful - step it up Mikey.


*I voted for Ron Paul. At the time I had made myself a scoring spreadsheet with issues I found most important. Ron Paul was in best alignment for me - however, 2 weeks later his position on some things had changed - like Roe v Wade. I don't regret my vote but I'd sure love to vote 5 or 6 more times just to make sure Obama trumps Billary.


Dr. Momentum said...

I'm glad Florida realized that two wrongs don't make a right in this case. I bet it helped that the biggest proponent of the re-vote seemed to be the Republican governor.

Seriously, I had to laugh -- he's demanding a revote and saying Democrats are going to pay for it. Really? So, it's OK with you, Governor Crist, that Democrats waste $10 million in real and potential campaign cash that would have gone up against McCain in November. No kidding?

Sometimes it just takes time for these things to sink in.

Mike said...

There's not a lot at stake in a Michigan revote so if someone is willing to fund it that one may happen. Either candidate could easily pick up just as many delegates when a state finalizes their delegate totals. That happened today in Iowa as Obama may have benefited from Clinton's disdain for caucuses.

Maggie said...

Ugh, this whole thing is driving me crazy. It should be *easy* this year for the Dem's to take back the presidency, and it feels like they're *trying* to find a way to mess it up.

How can we show that we're incompetent, disorganized, squabbling bird-brains?


Mike said...

The media is playing McCain's positions on Iraq as a strength but I suspect that aligning himself with Cheney and trying to be an even stronger war advocate than Bush will come back to haunt him this October.

At least I hope voters will remember the war.