Do I Dislike You Because You're Annoying

...or are you annoying because I dislike you? With apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, as I listened to Hillary's speech at her Ohio victory party, I was reminded of a song from their version of Cinderella; "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?". Of course, love was not the emotion I was feeling. She said a bunch of things that I considered stupid and I found myself getting annoyed at her.

One of the major differences between Hillary and Barack, in my mind, is that Barack inspires hope and Hillary does not. But, is that really true, or have my perceptions been colored by my decisions? I decided I liked Obama and now I find myself rolling my eyes at Hillary almost every time she speaks. Last night, she was talking about how nobody has won the Presidency without winning their party primary in Ohio. She also remarked on Ohio's fine tradition of electing Presidents. Really? Ohio? Does she feel that their choice in the last election was good? This morning, her campaign director was on NPR and was asked about the 3am phone call ad. He said it was fair and that they would continue the theme of "ready on day 1". According to him, based on last night's results, the people overwhelmingly agreed with Hillary. It looked pretty close to a 50/50 delegate split to me.

I'm left wondering, though. Would I be annoyed if Barack's campaign came out with similarly illogical or misleading statements? I think I would, but I can't be sure.


JP Burke said...

I guess you would if it's those types of statements that turned you off to her campaign in the first place.

Julie said...

That's an interesting observation, Brian. I've found myself wondering the same thing. I was never crazy about her, but just before Super Fat Tuesday, all of a sudden, I found myself liking her a lot.

I ended up voting for Obama anyway, because I still liked him more. And unfortunately, my fondness for Clinton quickly wore off.

I don't get what happened. What was real - my original skepticism, my short-term admiration, or my newfound disappointment?

Bull said...

My annoyance at Hillary stems from driving 60-plus miles to Bristol to vote for Obama yesterday. ;-)