Not Curious at All

Speaking of blowhards...

Limbaugh Apologizes to Obama

Insincere apologies, fraudulent confessions, credulous disciples bellowing impotent outrage into car radios and the eardrums of their unfortunate spouses.

Why bother thinking when getting angry is so much easier?

(BTW James, the website's clock seems to be on West Coast Time)
(Edit: Silly me, assuming we're all on the East Coast!)


Abacquer said...

Yeah I don't understand the appeal. Why would anyone listen to this person? I mean seriously, whom does any of that make sense to?

Dr. Momentum said...

Rush's apology is worth its weight in bile.

Abacquer said...

Agreed. This is the same guy who accused Michael J. Fox of "playing up" his Parkinson's disease symptoms. Although later he apologized "hugely". Guy's a jerk and he poisons every idea he comments on.

briwei said...

I think it would be interesting to do a poll. Circulate a picture of Mitch McConnell and one of Curious George. See who more Americans identify correctly.

Rush's statement is more full of sh*t than Homer's silo in The Simpsons Movie.