But that's EXACTLY what a robot would say

I'd be much happier writing about some cool thing that Obama has done lately, but as Mr. Spock once said, it's always been easier to destroy than to create. In the time it takes Obama to do one exceptional thing, like give the kind of speech you are lucky to hear once in a lifetime, Hillary Clinton is able to commit multiple estupideces, which she then addresses even more stupidly.

Here's a recent example - she tells a story that later turns out to be at significant odds with what actually happened. When footage shows up that proves her wrong, she says she "misspoke."

(About gunfire? How do you "misspeak" about getting shot at? You tend to remember these things when they happen, and you tend to not-remember them when they don't. That makes it easy to not-describe them by mistake later on. At least I assume so. That has been my experience.)

After people continue to poke at her for this, she says:

"So I made a mistake... That happens. It proves I'm human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation."
Heh. Anyone can say they're human.

The article goes on to say that she tried to change the subject to other things, like tax cuts for retirement plan contributions. Yeah. But she had time to talk about Obama's church the other day, though, didn't she? And didn't she accuse him of trying to change the subject?

...after a few minutes of ranting about this, I am filled with self-loathing. I struggle not to use traditional woman-bashing words like "weak" and "hysterical" in reference to the tone and quality of her remarks. I ask myself, why am I picking on this unfortunate woman when I should be picking on McCain - the real threat?

But the loathing wears off quickly, because I know there will be time to pick on McCain later - time for me, and time for Clinton if she is so inclined, unless she'd prefer to be his campaign manager instead. Until then, I'll give McCain credit for knowing when to STFU.