I Know How To Fund FL and MI Re-Vote!

It looks like many Republicans may have broken the law in Ohio by following Rush Limbaugh's Texas advice and crossing party lines to vote for Senator Clinton in the Ohio Primary. From Wired magazine:

Ohio's revised election code includes an election falsification clause (Revised Code 3513.20), which says that if a voter who changes parties is challenged by poll workers as to the sincerity of his change of heart and also signs an affidavit stating that he supports the principles of the party to which he's changing -- when in fact he doesn't support them -- then he would be committing election falsification. Election falsification is a felony that is punishable by six to twelve months in jail and a $2,500 fine.
(Emphasis mine. ) Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anyone would be prosecuted for such a crime.
But even those who did sign a statement and did so disingenuously would likely not face prosecution, Tokaji says, unless they were blatant about what they did, such as bragging online about it, and could be identified.
"If after doing this the person gets online and says 'Ha, ha ha. I tricked them and signed this statement,' maybe then we could imagine someone being prosecuted," he says.
There are such online gloaters, but I won't hold my breath waiting for them to be identified. Still, if even half of the at least 16,000 crossover Republicans were disingenuous, and had to pay the $2,500 fine, that's $20 million. Ten for Florida, and ten for Michigan and you're all done.

(Before someone tells me you can't spend the money that way, pssssst: I'm joking.)


DRock said...



I hope there is prosecution - however I don't want any revotes.

Dr. Momentum said...

I think re-votes are not going to happen for logistical reasons rather than a question of financing.

But, still, it'll be interesting to see if they try to hold some feet to the fire on these crossover voters.

You might say "how do we really know they crossed over?"

The answer's simple. If the evidence is starting to show they're a Republican, just waterboard them until you get a confession.