The Kitchen Sink

A lot of interesting stuff out there this morning. I'm tired of respectable publications still referring to Clinton's win in Texas. WTF?

Smaller states are supposed to go first in the primaries, or else money would decide the winner. I think if Florida and Michigan were explained more in those terms, rather than "they broke party rules," people would be less sympathetic.

Here is a general overview of the Clinton sleaze to date by Bob Herbert. For those of you Clinton supporters with your hands over your ears crying "la la la la I can't HEAR you" you'd better pick up the cadence. As I said before, buried deep in a comment down below, will somebody PLEASE come onto this blog and defend this woman? I have no idea why anyone would want to vote for her, or how anyone can square these low-life attacks with their conscience.

From the column:

Mr. Kroft asked Senator Clinton if she believed that Senator Obama is a Muslim. In one of the sleaziest moments of the campaign to date, Senator Clinton replied: “No. No. Why would I? No, there is nothing to base that on. As far as I know.
Yeah, it's a good thing Samantha Power resigned. Clearly Hillary doesn't hold herself to the standards she demands of her opponent.


Julie said...

I saw that 60 Minutes segment (Clinton failing to clearly REJECT and DENOUNCE rumors about Obama's religion).

They're going to do McCain tonight, if I remember to watch it.

Maggie said...

Another thing that's aggravating me, besides claiming that Clinton won Texas, is statements that emphasize Obama's delegate victories, as if the delegate count were simply an unfortunate side-effect of the race. How about, "Obama pulls still further ahead"??

Julie said...

I did not remember to watch 60 Minutes. :(

Mike said...

MSNBC is the first media organization I've seen to declare Texas as anything other than a Clinton victory. They now view it as a tie with nine delegates to go.

The Texas caucus system is an antiquated mess but at least someone is bothering to wait until all the votes and delegates are counted before declaring a victor, no matter which way it eventually turns out.

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