This Week Roundtable

In the "This Week" roundtable, they brought up Obama's pastor as being a problem he's going to have to address even more strongly. They saw it as more of a problem than I do, frankly, and I think this may be one of those cases when you're seeing beltway bias on This Week. The people who are most upset about Obama's minister wouldn't vote for Obama anyhow, and many of them are probably still convinced that he's a radical muslim.

The Clinton campaign is showing some class by not discussing this pastor business (although there was a small swipe later on Meet the Press). It's probably good to have this play out now rather than in the general election.

The Florida mail-in vote was mentioned, and it looks like that idea is dead in Florida. It's more likely that some deal will be brokered where the delegates from the existing vote are seated in part, but not in whole. In other words, enough to mollify the voters there, but acknowledge that they screwed themselves. Although a Rep Nita Lowey (a Clinton supporter on Meet The Press) seems to be hanging on to the idea of a complete revote.

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