Local clergy say pastor's devotion, deeds overlooked

Article in the Boston Globe today about :

Local clergy, many of whom say they know Wright or have seen him preach, praised him for his charismatic preaching and his devotion to Christianity, as well as for his outreach to the poor, to people infected with HIV, and to his fellow African-Americans. Like Obama, they criticized some of his language, but offered support for his work overall.

"His remarks are unsettling in isolation, but, let's be honest, some of the things he said are true," said the Rev. Martin D. McLee, the pastor of Union United Methodist Church in Boston's South End. "The US has been pretty ugly internationally under George Bush, and I don't translate and say we deserved 9/11, but he didn't say that either. Even his comments about Hillary Clinton not having felt the suffering of not getting a cab - that's not antiwhite, that's true, and anybody who is black and knows the pain of not being able to get a cab knows that's true."