Listen Clinton, I don't like what I see...

James Carville says Richardson is Judas for supporting Obama. And he stands by that.

I think that's ironic, considering that in my favorite song from Jesus Christ Superstar, sung by the character of Judas, has Judas warning his longtime friend that he's letting ambition get in the way of their original message and putting them all in jeopardy as a result.

I'm not particularly bothered by Carville's colorful comment. It's politics. It must be frustrating to lose supporters, but they should be thanking him that he didn't announce this before Texas.

It does give me a chance to enjoy this song again.


Julie said...

I saw this on the news this morning and wondered how many not-yet-voted people made the same connections I did:

1. Picking Obama over Clinton = handing a friend over to the authorities on charges that will result in the friend's execution.

2. Clinton = Jesus, the alleged son of the alleged god.

3. Voters = Pontius Pilate, I guess.

Crazy stupid much? Damn, are we almost done yet?