Pelosi Calls for Cooler Heads

Pelosi has waded into the contentious fight for the Democratic nomination, calling for a cool-down on the rhetoric, citing her belief that negative campaigning could dampen voter enthusiasm.

"I would encourage both of them, as I have, to remember we have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is the general election in November," Pelosi said Friday at a luncheon in New York sponsored by Lifetime Networks and the Hearst Corp., parent company of The Chronicle.

This comes on the heels of an Obama adviser being asked to resign from his campaign after being quoted as calling Hillary a "monster" in The Scotsman. There is no call for language like that in either campaign, so I agree she needed to go. I suppose Pelosi was politically smart to wait until something happened on the Obama side before finding her voice, but I understand with the frustration Obama's campaign must be feeling, trying to run a high ground campaign in the face of divisive attacks to little official comment.

No word yet on whether anyone is resigning over the swipe comparing Obama to Ken Starr. And I wouldn't hold my breath. Obama staffers, you're supposed to smear the other campaign in secret! (Just kidding, Obama campaign!)

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