Obama Strategy

What should Obama do now?

Does he have to stoop to Clinton tactics to win?

According to David Bromwich on the Huffington Post, since Hillary==McCain (according to Hillary) and McCain==Bush (according to McCain), Obama needs to start campaigning against the three-for-one of Hillary/McCain/Bush.

Treat McCain as the opponent, and Clinton, with all politeness, as the ghost on McCain's threshold. If she dares to follow Obama into opposition again, let her try; but here Obama is the one with the "lifetime of experience."

Hillary Clinton's evident pleasure in the company of John McCain goes naturally with her reluctance to attack President Bush in any but the most general terms. This fact would be fairly brought to light if Obama now turned to make his case in detail against the Bush administration, with an informed judgment of the cost in destruction it has brought to America and to the world.


Dr. Momentum said...

I agree. This is an opportunity for Obama to distinguish himself from Hillary/McCain/Bush.

But how hard will he go with it? To counter Clinton's recent stepped-up rhetoric he could easily argue that the Democratic nomination is, in a way, the real election. If you vote out choice now, then it doesn't matter who wins in November, America has passed up an opportunity.

But got the same danger as Hillary's already revealed strategy of placing Obama third in desirability for President. It harms Clinton should she win the nomination. Less so, but it's still non optimal for Democrats.

Perhaps he should just start campaigning against McCain early and change the name to Clinton.