Quick Prediction

My prediction: If Clinton looks at today's primary results and doesn't slow down, I predict Obama will produce some sort of high-profile endorsement.

I figure he has to do something and that there are Democrats interested in party unity who want to see an end to the primary season without a lot of bloodletting.

We'll see!

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briwei said...

I hope you are right. I'd hate for this thing to go negative. We need to take the high road and show that it is possible to have civil discourse, even in disagreement.

Dr. Momentum said...

The reality is that every candidate must cast his opponent in a negative light. Obama himself hammers away at Hillary's decision that helped "drive us into the Iraq ditch."

But when we think "negative" I think we generally think more of those more personal or more fear-based attacks that get a lot of attention.

Will Obama shift? How much room does he have? I've appreciated the level at which he's kept his rhetoric. Unless Michigan and Florida re-vote, I think he'll continue his current approach.

Perhaps he lost Ohio because he cast Clinton as more of the same -- and they LIKE more of the same. In places like that you have to make your case PLUS make the case for change.

Mike said...

On WBUR's On Point program this morning some analysts were speculating that Obama may need to either take the ultra high road or sink into Clinton's level of mudslinging. They thought he has recently been doing neither and trying to walk a line between those two options. And it hasn't been working.

Julie said...

The ultra high road seemed to work for him before; I'd like to see him go back to it.

I know that constantly defending oneself against smear tactics (as Kerry did) takes a lot of valuable time away from being the better person. And failing to defend oneself (as Gore did) doesn't work either.

I don't know if it's possible to defend yourself and take the high road at the same time, but that's what he needs to do.