Super Tuesday Lite

So four states go to the polls today, will we have a clear democratic nominee at the end? I am hoping we will.

As much as I love Hillary Clinton, I would be displeased if the democratic nominee was ushered in by superdelegates voting against the residents of their locations. I'll guess we'll need to wait and see, but I will be watching very closely tonight... not much longer now until polls close.

Unless Hillary wins decisively tonight, I hope she folds her tent and throws her support behind Obama. I voted for her on my conscience, but I think her chances of winning are less than his. There's a lot of knee-jerk Hillary-hate in this country.


Maggie said...

Don't discount the Obama love.

I truly believe that a lot of Clinton's problem is she can't make a point. Who wants to slog around through her endless lists of information and try to figure out what the heck she's saying and why she's sharing it all? People like soundbites, and Obama is better at them. That's partly why I voted for him, because I feel he's far more persuasive. But it came down to more similar values for me in the end. I'm not sure what Clinton's values are (who can tell?), but I know Obama's are closely aligned with mine.

JP Burke said...

First, I think your hopes will not be fulfilled. Hillary gives no indication of anything other than digging in. So, unless there is an overwhelming loss it doesn't look like she's going anywhere. I hope I am wrong, or her defeat is decisive so as to make it easier for her to make an exit with some dignity.

The superdelegates are not there to represent any constituencies. Nor are they there to go against the popular vote.

Having looked into it deeper since my musings last month, I am convinced that their function is NOT to wield power, but rather to reinforce party unity by helping a victory seem more decisive. The ultimate goal is to win the general election, so this function actually makes sense.

Superdelegates have no obligation to vote with their regions. In fact, they have no region. What would their region be? A state? A city? A county? A congressional district? What if your congressional district disagrees with your state? No, that is an incorrect interpretation. Superdelegates are not pledged as the pledged delegates are.

So I hope that whoever comes out on top after tonights returns are added to the previous results, superdelegates wake up and pull the party together.

JP Burke said...

I think that people are having a visceral reaction against Clinton, which may or may not be fair. Also, some are just really pro-Obama.

I can say I'm sick of all the anti-Clinton stories on Reddit. And I am an Obama supporter. I still *like* Hillary! I just she's not my first choice as president. But she's my second choice.

Here's an example of why she's not my first: she recently described her experience and McCain's experience, leaving Obama in the cold. In effect, she offered an endorsement of McCain, putting Obama at 3rd choice.

I, for one, don't want McCain to be president and don't look kindly on her efforts that will possibly help him in the general election, should she not be nominated.

I forgive her these excesses, in the same way you might decide not to hire someone after a horrible interview, but still come away thinking they're still a generally OK person.

The last few months have been a really *really* bad interview for Hillary.

But I would still prefer her to McCain.

Abacquer said...

NPR Calls Vermont for Obama/McCain.

JP Burke said...

Many of the Hillary voters are reporting that they decided in the last 3 days.

If you don't like negative campaigning, brace for more. Clinton is going to have to conclude that the red phone ad and fearmongering paid off.

I find that sad. But perhaps not surprising.