Fox Anchor Feels My Frustration

This is the most amazing thing. On the Huffington Post. You actually now have individual Fox anchors who have become fed up with the Obama-bashing on their own network.

How fed up? So fed up that, during a discussion when Steve "D-bag" Doocy and Gretchen "Yoo-hoo! Floods!" Carlson are trying to twist Obama's comment about his grandmother into a racist statement, Brian Kilmead tries to inject a sane viewpoint and "worlds collide" as they say on Seinfeld.

The video is simply unbelievable.

It's like what I wish would happen every day I watch Fox by mistake! Except, in this case, it really happened!

Kudos to Kilmead for at least trying to talk sense; you've surprised me Brian! I am going to make some popcorn and watch this again!


Julie said...

The Obama-bashing on Fox is a good sign that conservatives are terrified of the guy. Hopefully, Bill Richardson's endorsement will make him even scarier.

I gave up on Chris Wallace ages ago, thinking he was (or had devolved into) another teleprompter-reading airhead. It was really cool to see him go to bat against the "Fox and Friends" tradition of generating outrage about "issues" based on misleading, out-of-context sound bites.