Educational Change

Senator Barama-mama has given me two more reasons for hope this weekend. Senator Obama has vowed to review all executive orders passed by (soon to be ex-)President Bush, warrantless wiretaps among them. Over the past few years I've resigned myself to the fact that some of the things the changes the current regime has initiated will stay forever. This new pledge of Obama's at least gives the hope that somethings may be changed for the better.

On to reason favorite. I have been working in education for the better part of the last decade. I have been involved in teaching and researching middle school, high school and university level students. Here in Massachusetts Bush's "No Child Left Behind" has lived up to it's word...and ruined our focus on education. Many teachers and most districts are worried about whether or not their students can pass the MCAS. Of course, this has led to the inevitable procedure of teaching students how to pass the test. Therefore, everyone passes the test, no child is left behind and the world is happy!!!

Oh, and our children are dumber.

Obama, however, has consistently pledged to increase education spending (even to the lengths of taking it from an underachieving NASA) and doesn't "want them to just learn to a test". While we'll have to wait out this current three-way, no-holds barred cage match, O'Bama (the Irish candidate!) still keeps throwing out ideas which, to this blue-stater, just seem to make a whole lot of sense.

P.S. Hope...I'm pretty sure every story about Senator Obama has to say "hope" a lot, so...hope!