Someone Explain The Issues to Me

Dear Michele McPhee et al of 96.9 WTKK,

Allow me to make myself very clear now for the readers, and you: I am a liberal. I do believe in some conservatism with respect to financial responsibility and humanity, but let us ignore this for now. I listen to your station on a daily basis. This is a tirade/open letter on the sheer ignorance of you, your co-workers, and your station. Including, but not limited to the ugly Jay Severin and the unfunny "stand-up comic Michael Graham.

So, Michele, consistently you claim that you are a life long democrat. You, however, have shown no support for the democrats, current and former. Your beliefs seem to be mostly aligned with Neo-conservatism more than anything. A false sense of "conserving". What exactly are you conserving, anyways? Is if the finances of America? We're pissing away $5000 a second. The time it takes me to finish this, the country would have spent nearly $100,000 dollars. Fucking awesome. Is it Christian-centric religious conservatism? Because you've got the gayest party in the world. Since 1980, by my count there were 16 Republican based sex scandals, 10 Democrat. Of the sex scandals, most were "extra marital". The Republicans, however, being very conservative, conserved themselves into new families almost immediately, instead of sticking by their families. Of these 26, 15 caused divorce, illegitimate children, were forceful, with children or homosexual in nature. Of these 15, 12 are Republican based. Also, to note, of these 15, some include overlap, like soliciting young boys (Word up, Foley!).

I've grown very tired of the manipulation of candidates and the consistency of being inconsistent. Maybe I can't blame you directly, because from what I can tell you have the functional, cognitive and speaking ability equivalent to a goldfish that suffers from severe anxiety. As a radio show host you have a terrible voice. But that's the stations fault. As a radio personality you have zero presence, and cannot maintain a sentence longer than 5 words before you need a solid 3 second break in speech. You also manage to spew Neo-con fecal rhetoric on a daily basis, firmly implying that you firmly believe all will be right with NOT Obama.

Before I get into the trigger of this tirade, let me begin with some blurbs about how you roll:

  1. Jeremiah Wright is still "relevant" in everything you say
    • But crazy Hagee isn't?
  2. Lapel pins are still "relevant" in everything you say
    • Considering most are made in China, wouldn't that make most people Chinese patriots?
  3. September 11th is mentioned more frequently on your show than I've ever heard before
    • Somehow you have "statistics" "committed to memory" of how many firefighters, police officers, etc... have died because of 9/11
      • Even though you type like a fucking Clydesdale, clod-hopping its way through a Texas Roadhouse, crushing peanut shells along the way. Dummy.

Today, Saturday May, 17, 2008, you spewed your rhetoric beyond a point I could not withstand anymore.

As an aside, I listen to you and your station for humor purposes, only. I find it hysterical, albeit frightening, that you and your listeners believe and think some of the things you believe.

Case 1: A gentleman called today, made the "strong claim" that social security in this country is collapsing because we're not having enough children. And since we don't have enough children, all of our jobs go to illegal immigrants. You didn't disagree. You only refuted that we (as a country, or state) don't have enough children and that social security is collapsing IN PART because of corruption. Yes, the solution to social security is to fuck (literally) ourselves (each other?) into being a super power, again. Unemployment is increasing, the dollar is falling and the divergence between socio-economic status is becoming larger. Lines are no longer blurred. Immigrants are to blame?

Case 2: So, today on your show, you continued to harp on the fact that Obama cannot be President, simply because he doesn't respect women due to his "sweetie" comment. You stuck to your guns and insisted that the comment itself is the problem. But, when a caller called in and implied that the real problem is that this is a non-issue with too much focus, you magically agreed and then claimed that you're tired of the sweetie comments taking precedence over issues like "Protecting America". Moments later, another called swayed you back to spewing that "Sweetie" itself was the problem. Because it was like "patting her on the head". Just because you can't remember things during a commercial break, doesn't mean others don't. You have single-handedly demonstrated the ease of which flip-flopping can be observed within Neo-con circles.

Case 3: Your continuance of spewing forth anti-Democrat (for the most part, anti-Obama) rhetoric came at the culmination that Obama was more in the wrong for slipping up and saying "57 States" recently, than McCain was for confusing Sunni's with Shiites. To be brutally honest, if we had a presidential candidate that couldn't count to 7, or manged to speak beyond 5 word phrases (perhaps you should run, Michele?) that could easily identify and NOT confuse "those we're fighting against", I would vote for them over any candidate from the Republicans (and similar groups, including Hilla-crats). Why? As the commander-in-chief it is ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL that they can identify with NO confusion exactly who we're supposed to be fighting and supporting.

Case 4: Or how about when Obama "presumed" he was being attacked via Bush's Knesset speech? It disgusted you that Obama believed it was him. How about getting to the real point? That someone so ignorant and insensitive, and grandson to a Nazi sympathizer, would mention Nazi's, when giving a speech to Israei Jews.

Are these really the issues? Somehow you, and everyone in your circle believe the country needs to be brought together, by fighting terrorism, with only the best damn candidate ever: John W. McBush, Alzheimer's Superhero. We can't have any crazy "elitists" like Obama and Joe Kennedy running around, hugging up to Chavez. I mean, how dare someone be so elite that they provide struggling families with FREE FUCKING HEATING OIL. Instead of raising the price of oil and lying about shortages. Maybe you're right, it is elite to support struggling families with healthcare, food and heat - because no one else is doing it.

I love freedom of speech, but I truly hope that the Democrats can pull of the constitution based destruction and dismantling of conservative radio.

Michele, you create bold-faced lies and support the most destructive force to this country that it has ever seen: Itself. Your entire life, now revolves around avoiding real issues, creating fake issues and convincing the ignorant, weak-minded, swing voters, and Anti-gay Jesus-crazy that the best thing for this country is to trust the current regime.

How can you sleep at night? I assume quite well, because you are socially, cognitively and mentally deficient. Haven't you grown tired of saying the same things over and over again? How long can you ride the Go-Go Reagan-naut coattails? You, your friends, and people like you are destroying this country.

This country is on the verge of a serious EPIC FAIL! Science = evil wizardry. Gay = disease. Guns = AWESOME. Education = "No one is left behind when everyone is left behind". Math = TOO HARD. Stem cells = Not in God's plan. NASCAR = End all be all of entertainment.

I invite anyone and everyone to explain to me the issues, and convince me one way or another what the best things for this country is, and exactly who I should support and why. But, please note, that your opinion is probably wrong.



Julie said...
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Julie said...

D gives good rant!

DRock said...

I'm just growing tired of what seems like a neo-con script. I want to know where this script is coming from.

Based on the last post, clearly there is a secret source with a list of points to make. I want to know where this list is, because it's hysterical.

JP Burke said...

I'll lend you "Outfoxed" if you're interested.

RadioFree said...

She's an idiot. A hard to listen to idiot. I commend you for your ability to listen to her monotone droning without falling into a coma.