Fun news

I'm too tired to think straight but these two news stories made me smile. Who doesn't smile at Clinton's superhuman ability to delude herself? According to Clinton, tomorrow's election in tiny West Virginia is going to be a turning point in the election. Another one. Only this time, I guess she expects things to actually turn. She thinks winning a huge percentage of the vote in a state with only 28 delegates is going to turn the superdelegates' heads. Mountain mama.

And I have to admit I get a little chuckle out of the news that Bob Barr is going to be running as the Libertarian candidate for president, and it has the Republican panties in a collective bunch. So are the debates going to be a four-way? Three old white guys and Obama. That will be sweet.


Dr. Momentum said...

Simply the best thing I've heard all day.

Julie said...

I wish we could just FF to midmorning Wednesday, because I am dying to hear the amount of her next campaign finance loan, and her next justification for staying in the race.

briwei said...

I actually saw a comment from Terry McAuliffe saying that HRC's margin is so large in WV, KY, and Puerto Rico, that she was going to win the popular vote!