Half a delegate to go

This morning, I saw a headline that said Obama had picked up three superdelegates and a union endorsement.

Later, the headline said it was five superdelegates. I clicked, and by the time the article came up, the headline said six superdelegates.

Just a minute ago, the headline had been updated to nine superdelegates, and Obama was one-half superdelegate shy of Clinton.

Since Obama is already way ahead in the mundanedelegate count, this isn't a huge big deal.

And yet, it's cheering me up on this otherwise extremely crappy, disappointing day.


Mike said...

The totals differ a bit, with MSNBC claiming the superdelegate count is Clinton 273.5, Obama 269. But I agree that it is a matter of days. And when Obama takes the official lead on everyone's scorecards I expect the floodgates to open a bit wider. Everyone loves jumping on a bandwagon.

Mike said...

As I wrote that comment MSNBC adjusted their totals yet again, increasing Clinton's total by three. It's the political version of whack-a-mole.

Dr. Momentum said...

NYT is now reporting Obama has the lead in supers.

Julie said...