Uncoherent Denver

A group of self-described anarchists threatening to disrupt the Democratic National Convention is promising to go away if the $50 million federal grant that Denver received to pay for convention security is invested in the community instead.

"Spending $50 million on weaponry to attack people voicing their opinion and flooding the streets with riot police while schools close down, children go without health care and people lose their homes is exactly the problem with the corrupt two-party system we're opposing this August."

Hey...assclown...you oppose all "systems"...you're an anarchist...maybe you should look that up. And whatshisnameinthevideo's talk of anarchists being for a "grass roots democracy in the streets" is equally asinine in a country of 300 million people. Or 3000 people for that matter.

Personally, I think none of you got any yarbles and you're all a bunch of narcissists who aren't bent on doing anything but talking about how unhappy you are.


JP Burke said...

Oh yeah? Well I'm going to disrupt the anarchist's convention!!!!!!!!!1111111onetwo