McCain's Goofy Gaffy Map

McCain was hoping and praying that Obama's trip to Iraq would result in some sort of gaffe that he could capitalize on to gain some traction in the American press. Up to now, McCain's campaign has been dead boring. His policies are warmed over from the Bush Administration and do not connect with a population asking to change the horrible course we've been on. And McCain just seems generally out of touch when he chooses advisers who have no compassion for the plight of the citizen who is now feeling the crunch of a struggling American economy.

Instead of a gaffe, Obama got statements from Malaki indicating that 16 months was a good target for withdrawal -- basically endorsing Obama's position on Iraq. Despite "clarifications" encouraged by the Bush administration, Malaki's claim was that he who wants the quicker withdrawal understands the Iraq situation better.

Worse for McCain, he's the one making foreign blunders while he putters around here in the states.

He's referred repeatedly to nonexistent countries and a nonexistent border between Pakistan and Iraq.

McCain supporters who are complaining that Obama is getting more coverage (if it were true) should consider it a blessing for McCain.

I am encouraged by Republican complaints of media bias (pull the plank out of your eye, dudes) because to me, it sounds like they're preparing their excuses before a crushing defeat. Bring on the language of losers, even if it is a little early.

Conservatives crying foul because the New York Times didn't publish McCain's attack against Obama can have their moment of whining, but the fact is that the New York Times offered the forum to McCain if only he'd actually define his own position in more concrete terms, rather than airy fist-shaking. Instead of respond with an Op-Ed, they put the crayons away and ushered in Fox and Drudge to do their "liberal bias" song and dance.

Yeah. In a time of crisis, that's more of what America needs. Some leadership, that.


Dr. Momentum said...

Here's an example video of how much the liberal press is hating on McCain: