My Loss of Rights... Let me showz you them.

Dear Everyone as Bewildered as I am,

Wow. It's been a huge day of loss [1] [2] [3]. In 2002 we couldn't have expected it to get this bad, could we have? Today, when I was on a run, and I couldn't help be hearing a prediction of the future from Boy Sets Fire (one of my favorite bands):

The constitution burns to ash in front of you,
the people know what you are up to
Your sins, will come back on you [1].
Eviction Article on Tomorrow Comes Today (released in 2002 [album lyrics]). They are a very politically charged band, and TCT is their most politically charged album. I know my musical tastes don't mesh with many people, but I highly recommend this album. If you like polito-scream-core.

And it's depressing that effectively the government has said "i'm in ur constitutionz, fuxing with ur rightz" [1] . It's depressing, and offensive. The US has sent me to Taiwan, which they consider a "developing country" - as in not yet developed. You know, that country where all of our electronics and most basic items comes from? Yah, that Taiwan. 

Taiwan's people and government are more developed than the US. Today, Taiwan declared PEACE [1] [2]. While the US is in the middle (early stages?) of a war-based occupation, and on the verge of declaring a new war. Probably because these countries have names that are so similar, they have to be the same... right?

Mission accomplished, bitches.