To err is screw things up takes a talk show host! nationally syndicated talking head that is...

Ed Schultz, host of a nationally syndicated radio program that is based in Fargo, N.D., was warming up the crowd Friday at a $100-a-person fundraiser for the North Dakota Democratic party in Grand Forks when he tagged the Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting as a "warmonger," Schultz acknowledged in a telephone interview Saturday.

Senator Obama, being the decent and intelligent individual he is, was quick to condemn the remarks.


The roles were reversed in February, when McCain quickly condemned the anti-Obama remarks of conservative talk radio host Bill Cunningham when he spoke at a McCain campaign rally. Cunningham referred repeatedly to Obama using his full name — Barack Hussein Obama — and called him a "hack, Chicago-style" politician.

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So good on both of them for doing the right thing, but really - what the Hell were they thinking allowing these idiots to speak in the first place?


Dr. Momentum said...

I don't know this Ed Shultz guy, but maybe he "misinterpreted" McCain singing "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran."

Understandable mistake?

RadioKeri said...

Ed Schultz is actually a great guy. A very talented one as well.

And since when ISN'T John McCain a warmonger. And why do our politicians have such thin skin this election season? What will happen if McCain is president and another war leader challenges him? Is he going to cry and demand an apology?

Bunch of freakin' sissies.

briwei said...

Oh, it's not about being a sissy. It's about deliberate outrage designed to detract from the original point. If you tar someone as offensive enough times, your mindless followers will believe it and that takes some of the heft out of the words.

Note I am not saying all his (or anyone's) followers are mindless. Just that the mindless percentage is easily swayed.

Dr. Momentum said...

It's politics, so it's driven by the perceptions of the people. It's all strategic. The "sissies" stance is positioning.

Both McCain and Obama are going to lean heavily on the "I can unite America" line, and so divisive messages aren't going to play well with them. It's not such a problem for Hillary, because I don't think she's going to try to unite America, she's just going to fight.

It looks like these are the choices you have in politics today; either a divisive political face or a uniting one.

The question becomes "who can you trust." With McCain, I trust his ability to unite about as much as I trust his approach to the housing crisis. I think it's Same Shit Different Republican -- as when Bush called himself a uniter, not a divider. He was the guy who supposedly got bipartisan stuff going on in Texas.

Once these Republicans get in office, it's like McCain's housing solution: nuke them all and let the economy sort them out. McCain plans to unite us all into two groups by getting rid of the middle class. There'll be the people with 8 houses and inherited fortunes and the rest of us working in call centers for companies in China.