Bush Bears Brunt of Boos at Ballpark Beginner

Bush threw out the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game, and received more than a few boos for his trouble.

I saw this in a number of places online, including The Board at the NYT site.

Watching the video made me sad. Not because Bush has to face his lack of popularity. After hiding away for so long and only speaking to vetted, friendly crowds or people who are under orders to hold their tongues, Bush ought to know what people think when he ventures outside the bubble. No, it made me sad that this guy chose such a divisive course that you can't even get away from his bad decisions at a baseball game.

If they'd wanted people to cheer, they ought to have announced him this way:

"Throwing out the first pitch is President George W. Bush, soon on his way out of the country's highest office. Let's have a round of applause."

Here's a question. Why didn't he pitch that first pitch to Lo Duca, who was opening catcher for the game? Duca was, reportedly, looking forward to catching a pitch from the president.

"It'll be cool," he said. "It's something you'll always remember."

Is it because steroids taints everything?

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Stickthulhu said...
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Stickthulhu said...

Sad indeed. And there is much to be sad about.

Still, as "profoundly disappointed" as I am with him, and as much as he has given people reason to do it, I do not think I would have booed him. Even if he was no longer in my chain of command.