Hillary is just as boring as the Pope

One of two interesting things that happened to me today when I was down in DC on business. Getting ready to leave the hotel and check out, I step into the elevator for the long trip down to the lobby. The only other person there is a young cameraman with a media pass, carrying his equipment and minding his own business.

"Off to the stadium to set up for the Pope?" I ask, assuming he's like every other media weenie crawling through the place.

"Naaah, spending the day chasing Hillary," he replies nonchalantly.

"That sounds more interesting," I comment, and mean it.

"Naaah...it's just as boring."

***Ding*** Door opens, cameraman smiles and walks out.


Maggie said...

I agree, whether the Pope will apologize for letting a bunch of child-molesting priests ruin a bigger bunch of people's lives is far more interesting than chasing Hillary around wondering whether she'll lie again, or, in her words... "[say] some things that [aren't] in keeping with what [she] knew to be the case and what [she] had written about in [her] book" or however you say "lie" when you're a Clinton. I think it would be a really good idea if the media just ignored her.