News to him

A short reminder of why we're waiting for this particular regime to turnover.

Fast forward to 7:15 when the reporter mentions projections that gas will hit $4/gallon soon. Here's a transcript of the press conference.

Yep, we elected this guy to the highest office in the land. Twice.

And on a humorous note, I found this telling quote in a Seattle Times story about Bush's remarks:

Bush's acknowledged unfamiliarity with the recent cost of gasoline produced some fumes at the pump.

At a Shell service station in San Mateo, Calif., the price of a gallon of regular had already reached $4.29, well above the California average of $3.42, as measured by AAA.

"Bush is out of touch with a lot of things we are facing today," said Marisa Cajbon, 33, who was filling her Toyota Sequoia SUV. "I have to buy gas. I need to work. I have two kids. I think it's unfortunate. I think it's a crime."


Dr. Momentum said...

I'm not sure how to characterize his reaction there. Cluelessness?

Maggie said...

Thanks for the reminder, Mike. I had almost forgotten he existed, but he's still there, doing damage.

It's so funny that "experts" are saying $4 per gallon. Sniffle, snort. "Four dollars?"


I get this mental image of Bush with a shovel in his back yard, holes every two feet. "We have to look for oil!"

briwei said...

I think arrogant is a better description than clueless. How else do you explain answering a question about a financial impact to the bulk of the population by recommending that tax cuts that only help the rich be made permanent.