Anti-Rally War

It kinda annoys me that Mark Penn implies that, if you've attended an anti-war rally, you're somehow unfit to be president. I know that he means it doesn't add to your qualifications. But I see what he's doing here. And I don't like it.
Mark Penn, Mrs. Clinton’s pollster and top strategist, said the ad did not say that Mr. Obama was unqualified but rather that it gave voters a choice. “People have seen both candidates, they’ve heard their experience,” he said, adding that “voters have made judgments on this.”

Mr. Penn suggested that Mr. Obama’s speech against the Iraq war “at an anti-war rally” hardly qualified him to be commander-in-chief.

Can't we all just get along?


Julie said...

Thanks, Mr. Penn, for reminding voters that they have a choice!

The people who are still trying to decide are keenly aware that they have a choice, and the Clinton campaign's anti-antiwar, anti-protest comments will certainly play into that choice.