Fox Tackles the Important Questions

Like whether or not Sarah Palin's photo is retouched on the cover of Newsweek this week.

This is not an argument about whether Newsweek altered a photo to give Sarah Palin buck teeth, or added nose hair, or pimples. This is about whether they didn't retouch her photo to make her look like a model.

Here's the video, but I don't necessarily suggest you watch it:

What the Fox?


Julie said...

I read about this on Twitter yesterday, but did not watch the video until now. The caption underneath reads "DEVELOPING," as if to warn that the Capitol is on fire or something.

I love the nauseated look on the nooz anchor's face as she expresses her dismay. Holy crap, now the whole world knows that Sarah Palin has pores. Just think of all the votes that's going to cost them on Election Day.

I suppose they're bitching about this because they don't have a plausible way to airbrush Wall Street.

Of course there is no discussion of content, but maybe the anchor thinks that people only buy Newsweek for the pictures.