Debate With Destiny!

I want to remind people that this is a good place to just post goofy shit about the election. If I don't have you guys to amuse me, I'm going to start to go a little bonkers.

I had this song in my head after last night's multiple references to Henry Kissinger (warning, it's not quite kid safe):

If you saw the debate, then you know that the advantage we were told McCain had on national security was exaggerated. At best.


I'd ask you to caption that image, and you can if you like, but I want to point out that it is representative of one aspect of the night. McCain does not like Obama. McCain has a hard time concealing his dislike. It's no wonder he's not a poker player. As far as I could tell, he never looked Obama in the eye. I assume he was trying to contain his emotions.

Here's my caption.

Obama: "Good debate, John. I think we really got our positions across to the American people."

McCain: "What's that? I hear a voice but I don't see anyone. Oh S--T! It's Barack Obama!"


Mike said...

"I hope nobody notices my arms are shaking."

Dr. Momentum said...

"Whoops! Senator McCain, you OK? Let me help you down off the stage."