Not Sarah Palin


For the record, Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton. And neither is she a model.

To the right, you see a picture of the model Sabine Ehrenfeld. That's why this post is entitled "Not Sarah Palin." Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, and there are rumors she is on the short list for McCain's VP pick. Not credible rumors, mind you, but this is the right-wing blogosphere we're talking about.

I found this picture on the following blog:

... which also has placed Gov. Palin in Alabama instead of Alaska. And is asking "So, is this the face of the next candidate for Vice-President of the United States?" That's an easy question to answer, considering Ms. Ehrenfeld is unlikely on McCain's veepstakes list. Although a "McCain taps Ehrenfeld" headline might elicit some snickers, it's even less likely than McCain picking Gov. Palin.

Keep on keepin' on, right wing blogosphere!

Some say Palin would be a good VP choice because Hillary supporters would flock to a McCain/Palin ticket, just to see a woman VP. Whatwhatwhat-now? If you need anything to prove to you what a low (and confused) opinion Republicans have of female voters and Hillary supporters, look no further than the Sarah Palin for VP supporters.

Back in the real world:

Hillary Clinton made it clear last night that she's supporting Barack Obama and you should, too. I was especially impressed with her references to people she met on the campaign trail. She took that familiar stump speech rhetoric and turned it into support for Obama by asking the Democrats to decide whether the campaign was about her or about the people she met on the trail who would certainly suffer under a dangerous McCain presidency that would be as risky as four more years of our current Republican leadership. Do we want to turn from the perilous course our country has been on for 8 years? If not, Hillary clearly gave her answer: Obama.

Hillary is on board. And tonight we'll see Bill throw his support behind this effort in typical fashion.

And the country will see a unified Democratic Party. To withstand the strength of the democrats pulling in one direction, the Republicans are going to need more than the model.


vbspurs said...

Thanks for linking to my post on Governor Palin.

Unfortunately, you didn't check the very first comment where I mention that Blogger had been glitchy that day -- and indeed, still prevents me from accessing the post to change the State and update the info on the photo.

The information on the model had been corrected by one of my readers.

I'll leave it to you whether you'd like to correct YOUR post with the conclusions you came to about it, given this information.


Dr. Momentum said...

I am sorry to hear you're having trouble editing your blog. I found your post doing a search on Gov. Palin after hearing her mentioned as a VP possibility; the Overstock model's image commanded attention. So, at at least the error is driving some traffic your way. If Blogger allows you to delete the entry entirely, I suggest you go that route. Speculation that Palin is any sort of effective strategy to capture Clinton voters is hard to take seriously.

No matter how good her "gams" are, according to one of your commenters.

Thanks for stopping by.

vbspurs said...

Thank you, Dr. Momentum, for your reply.

Unfortunately, if we were to stop speculating on the internets, which Vice-President Gore invented, blogs would come to a standstill.

The post stands.


Maggie said...

Fact checking before you post is cool. I suppose this is an example of the "everything and the kitchen sink" model of blogging.

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it.

Maggie said...

I'm sorry, what was I thinking? To Republicans, "fact checking" is synonymous with "making it up."

I mean, she is a babe, and she sure brings the average age of the ticket down. Does it really matter that she's not the governor?

No. And I'm serious now. Because the average Republican voter is less likely to question a fact, is more likely to have a knee-jerk reaction (this is scientific, by the way, I'm not making that up), and has the attention span of a sand flea. (Okay, I made that up just to piss 'em off because they are terrified of sandy places because that is where many Muslim nations are situated.)

So the average Republican looks at that post, has a knee-jerk, "yeah, Hillary supporters will vote for a woman" possibly followed by a "never god in life will we put a woman up for election har har but wouldn't it be funny" reaction, and the painful brainwave activity ends and s/he can move on to pleasanter activities such as preparing dinner for her man or having an extramarital affair with his secretary or random male stranger in a bathroom.

They don't check facts because when they see a "fact" they like, they're done.

Julie said...

I know Blogger has been locking some people out of their own blogs, but that still doesn't explain why the "It's all about the 'O'" spokesmodel's photo was there in the first place.

I can see getting the state wrong (maybe), but you have to go out of your way to get the photo wrong.

Dr. Momentum said...

I didn't have a larger philosophical criticism in mind when I posted this; to unveil my thoughts (if not turn them into a coherent argument) I thought the mistake was amusing (considering the resemblance stops at "they both wear glasses"), and the speculation revealed something about the strategy of selecting a veep on the Republican side.

The conservative driven narrative is that these Hillary supporters will flock like sheep to McCain if he'd only choose a woman. Which makes perfect sense, right? Giuliani supporters are now flocking to Obama because Biden is a Catholic. Or perhaps not.

In any case, taking this all too seriously is a mistake. My post on Regime Turnover (and the administration whose end we celebrate) is largely a joke.

vbspurs said...

I took it in the spirit it was made, Dr. Momentum. Fear not.

Perhaps your readers might care to peruse a more recent post on the topic, which I'm certain this time contains the correct facts.

Sadly, my blog was recently banned by Blogger, due to pro-Obama supporters complaining to Blogger (on the day I posted what I presume they considered a more pro-Hillary post).

Being British, I found this doubly wounding, as I was sure we had imbued Americans with our very best of our traditions of freedom of speech and association, which allows your nation to be the greatest in the world today.

Alas, some people don't know the meaning of either concept.

My best regards, and perhaps catch you around the Blogosphere.


Maggie said...

Oh, my god, I'm so embarrassed. Thank you so much for giving us freedom of speech, Victoria. I had no idea you personally wrote the first amendment of our constitution.

vbspurs said...

My pleasure, Maggie.

Just a courtesy followup: I have now corrected the post.

And it is now confirmed, Sarah Palin WILL BE Senator McCain's running mate.

See you chaps in November. :)


Dr. Momentum said...

Apparently, McCain has had a change of heart about the whole "inexperience" thing.

Julie said...

Isn't McCain from the party that made fun of the Mondale/Ferraro ticket?